Neno-jinja Shrine Decorative Float

Address Fukuura, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 129th area

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The float, as it is called kazariyatai (an ornamented float), is not pulled through the town, but assembled when a festival is held and installed at a certain place for the performance of ohayashi (Japanese traditional festival music) in it. There are 5 floats of this kind, 2 at Suga-jinja shrine (Yoshihama area), 1 each at Goro-jinja shrine (Kajiya area), Yahata-jinja shrine (Kadokawa area), Ubusunahachiman-jinja shrine (Shirohori area) and Neno-jinjya shrine (Fukuura area). The one at Neno-jinja shrine is the most beautiful and well preserved in its original condition. The floats comprise artistic carvings and paintings, which show that the people in Yugawara in the Edo period were rich enough to own these floats and a part of their religious beliefs and customs.


1 tangible folk cultural property designated by the town on April 1, 1982 (fixed float, timber: Japanese zelkova, height: 252cm, length: 410cm, width: 356cm), the year of construction is unknown (considered to be built around the Tempo era of the Edo period)

Access Information

15 min. walk from the JR Manazuru Station