Plum Blossoms

Address Yugawara Umebayashi (Makuyama park)
Store hours From mid-January to late March
(Best time: mid-February to early March)

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Approximately 4,000 red and white plum blossoms bloom as if they were a plum rug, and the garden is wrapped with the fragrance of plum. Bairin (or A plum grove) tastes mysterious and profound, spreading out at the foot of Mt. Makuyama which is 626 m high above sea level. "Party of Plum" (for pay) is held from the beginning of February to the middle of March.

Access Information

Get off at the bus stop Kajiya (terminal) of a bus bound for Kajiya from JR Yugawara station; A 25-minute walk. Or, get off at the bus stop Makuyama Park (terminal) of a bus bound for Kajiya/Makuyama Park from Yugawara station; and near there on foot.